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My Son  / Bill Jones (father)

Matthew . The time that you were on this earth was way too short and I realy wish that we could have gotten to know each other like we should have. My thanks go out to all of thouse of you who are putting you coments on here or lighting a candel. You were a very special man and every one knows that. This is a realy hard day for me as well as others. I just wanted to let you know that I love you and miss you a lot.  Wish that you were still here for all of us too.  .All my love my son. R.I.P.

Matthew.... / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy
a special young man  / Bill Jones (father)

Matthew was born a verry  special youngman and will always be missed a lot by all of us who knew him. As well as LOVED this perfect young man. With all my love.

i miss you so much  / Debra Singer (fiancee)
baby, i miss you so much and i will forever love you, since we met a day has not gone by that i didnt think of you and love you. you were my life and you always will be! i love you, always and forever, and i promise we will soon be together again baby!!! I LOVE YOU and miss you like crazy!!! and thank you for the time that we shared here on earth, and for trusting me more then anyone else in your life, that meant a lot to me, thank you for everything!!! i love you!!! xoxoxo
rest in piece  / Kaydee Xxx (friend)  Read >>
rest in piece  / Kaydee Xxx (friend)
it's taken me awhile to be able to say this. but i miss you matt. i'm sorry for those who have lost you. i hope that where ever you are, you are in peace. perhaps someday i'll see you again. who knows? but i hope that your friends and loved ones can find peace in the fact that you were loved by many. Close
I will love you forever! I promise!  / Debra Singer (Fiancee)  Read >>
I will love you forever! I promise!  / Debra Singer (Fiancee)
Tomorrow, April 12th, Will be One full year that i have had to live without you in my life, even though i know your still with me while your in heaven. But Baby.. i miss you sooo much! I will NEVER stop loving you and missing you! I still cry EVERY single day because i miss you so much! And you are still my life and my ..1, no one will replace u! I just... i cant believe its been almost a complete year! The longer it gets, the angrier i get, that your gone. We were suppose to have a life together, and i am unable to move on without you! I just wish so much that you could be back here in my arms.. holding me.. telling me everything is okay. I only ever felt safe when i was in your arms. I hope that soon enough i will be able to feel that kind of safety again. Baby, .. plz be there at those gates waiting for me! See you soon! ASAP! I promise! I love you, always and forever! MUAHZ xoxox

Yours Forever,
I miss u so much  / Debbie Singer (fiancee)  Read >>
I miss u so much  / Debbie Singer (fiancee)

Matthew, Baby, I still can't believe your gone! There is not a day that goes by that i don't think about you and miss you! I miss your touch, your reassurance... your love.. your smile, your laugh, your sillyness... They say that time heals your pain, but its not true.. All time does is numb the pain, but i still feel the same pain i felt the very moment i heard that phone ring and knew that something was horribly wrong. I just wish so bad that you were here with me, especially right now.. you know how bad i was last year during the anniversary of my Daddy's death. Well this year.. i dont have to think just about my Daddy's but yours too.. and its horrible! I wish u were here so bad, i miss u terribly! I still do not wanna go on but I have to.. because of a promise i made to you. Just please baby be there waiting for me at those gates and i will see u as soon as possible i promise baby!!! I will NEVER forget you.. i will NEVER stop thinking about you, and most important i will NEVER NEVER NEVER stop loving you and missing you!!!! Muahz xoxox

Holidays... / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie   Read >>
Holidays... / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie
Christmas is the happiest of times
for those who believe....
Christmas is the saddest of times
for those who grieve....
May God bring you and your
family comfort to help
ease the pain!!
Your in my thoughts and
Happy Thanksgiving  / Debbie Singer (Wife/Fiancee)  Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Debbie Singer (Wife/Fiancee)

Baby i miss you so damn mucH! and i cant stand you not being here, and i still dont want to believe your not coming back! everyday i still wait for you to return! .. and i know you already know i still cry myself to sleep everynight, because every night you are there with me... holding me tight (ya all may think im crazy but its true)... i love you so much baby! and i just wish the holidays would disappear!!! with u not arround i feel like there is no reason to be thankful for anything! id rather just be dead and be in heaven with you sweetums! i dont understand why God gave me something so great and yet again had to take everything away. i guess i will never understand life, until i am again back in ur arms, but now the only way that will happen is if i make it to heaven to be with u. which i promise im trying baby! i NEED to be with you! Life is not worth living without you in it! but anyways the point of this whole thing was to say Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!!! I miss you baby! And i will NEVER NEVER NEVER stop loving you, i promise! i love you always and forever baby! you will always be my one and only sweetums! love ya, xoxoxoxoxoxoxox muahz... love you babygirl.. (your wifey, hehe) peace baby! c u soon

"MY child On the day God took you I thought that I would die I wondered where the time went? I asked alot of whys?? With people all around me I felt alone inside From all their words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide, I thought I might be dreaming That I'd wake and find you here, I thought "This can't be happening." As I wiped another tear. On the day that you were laid to rest My heart broke yet again, I wondered if the pain would end, But mostly, I wondered when?? It's hard to be without you, At times the days seem long, Sometimes I just sit crying, When there's really nothing wrong. I wish we'd had more time, Before your life was done. I hope your resting peacefully, My precious child, Close
birth with a story  / Rebekah Fellows(Wakefield) (birth mother )  Read >>
birth with a story  / Rebekah Fellows(Wakefield) (birth mother )
Matthew was born in Portland, Oregon at 9:05 am. I know this because I am his birth mother.
When I learn Matthew died last week my heart was broke in to many pieces to try to even count. I gave him up for adoption to his current mother that he ever knew. He was never told about me except that I was his sister. I lost contact with him when he was four  years old. I moved to Alaska and hadn't heard from him since.
Part of that was my fault. I was starting a new life of my own but everyday that went by, I was thinking of him and hoping that he was doing well and that he was happy.
I feel sorry that I didn't get to spend more time getting to know him but I am sure that I would have been proud of him no matter what.
I have talken to his adoptive mother and found that our relationship parted ways only because I didn't want to hurt Matthew an any way.
I hope that he will forgive me, and that he is still smiling now that he is at peace. Now he can look down at all of us and beable to see what everyone is doing.
I do know that everyone of the lives he touched was blessed by knowing him.
I will get to see him again in heaven and that he will greet me when I arrive with a smile.
I know that he love his grandparents and Kim very much that hurting either of them was the last thing he would have ever wanted.
He did have 3 sisters and 1 little brother that knew about him and they were hoping to meet him one day. I did do one thing right and was try to be honest to myself and to my other children.
I did want Matthew to know the truth.
I will always love him.
I do know that I can talk to him and I know now he can hear me.
Love Rebekah Close
Rest In Peace Brother  / Wes Holstein (good Friend / Unrelated Brother )  Read >>
Rest In Peace Brother  / Wes Holstein (good Friend / Unrelated Brother )
Matt, You have always been my friend and family.. We all miss you including 'mom & dad' along with the rest of our family.. I love you matt as a friend, as a brother.. I will never forget you because you live in my heart and in my dreams, I will never forget the bank job we pulled.. that will live within me the rest of our days and I will be joining you soon so keep your eyes out for me and I will meet you just outside the gates because I know I cannot enter but I will see you one last time before taking my place where I belong brother.. Forever in your memory and mine,   Wesley Close
R.I.P. BABY!!!  / Debra Singer (fiancee)  Read >>
R.I.P. BABY!!!  / Debra Singer (fiancee)
*I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH, ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! someday soon we will be together again!* Close
A good person...  / Stacey Mullins (friend)  Read >>
A good person...  / Stacey Mullins (friend)
I talked with Matt several times over the internet and phone ealry part of last year, he was a great person. He wanted to meet me so we decided to meet up, so I drove to Charleston and we met. He was the most conciderate, and caring person. He showed me around Charleston and we had dinner. It was his birthday, cause I had stopped on the way up there and bought him a gift. We had a great day together. I wished I could have seen him more after that, but I have 2 children of my own and that made it hard to travel and visit. We cont. talking a while after that, then eventually lost contact when I moved. I wish all his family and friends peace, and you guys are all in my prayers...Matt I know your in a great place now...Hopefully one day we can meet again...Love Stacey Close
MES AMIES  / Cara Burdick (Good Friend )  Read >>
MES AMIES  / Cara Burdick (Good Friend )

hey matt..... I'm glad that we were friends..... you gave me alot a good advice! I will never forget it..... you will always live on in my heart... I promise........ I will never forget you...... I promise that to..... like I said to you once and I say it again...... Ja'Taime mes amie....... I love you my friend


i will always miss you  / Andy Broughton (Freind)  Read >>
i will always miss you  / Andy Broughton (Freind)
i know that i am not one of his very close friends but we talked a lot to each other. it was such a shock for me when i found out becuse i was only talking to him a few days before this tradjic acciedent....
Matthew wakefeild i was always miss u, u were a grest leader and a friend...
rest in peace matthew Close
you were an amazing guy  / Sarah (friend)  Read >>
you were an amazing guy  / Sarah (friend)
matt you were an amazing person.. ill never forget the first day we met... you were so full of life... you came into my life in a time when i needed someone to care... i know that we werent good friends at all... but i know that you left  a mark on everyone you came in contact with... its sad that you are gone... and i can only pray you are in a better place. Close
R>I>P / Beth Mullins (Friend)  Read >>
R>I>P / Beth Mullins (Friend)
Matt Boy i never meet you but i loved talking to you and i hate to hear that your not here on earth and i kno your in a better place.....Im going to miss you....Love and Miss you always Beth Ann Mullins W.V Close
R.I.P my good friend Matt  / David Stepp (Good Friend )  Read >>
R.I.P my good friend Matt  / David Stepp (Good Friend )

R.I.P Matt i love ya bro u was a great friend i cant believe u r gone. I really miss u bro. I will never forget u bro. Even tho u aint here on earth no more u live on forever in my heart man. I really miss u an i love ya bro u was like a broither to me man an u still are. I WILL NEVER FROGET YA MATT I LOVE YA BRO. I will see u again some day in heaven.

*rest in peace* <3  / Jennifer Skeen (Good Friend )  Read >>
*rest in peace* <3  / Jennifer Skeen (Good Friend )

matt, you were so full of were one of the best people i know...u were such a loving, precious, and special much can happen in an instant...and we all miss u like krazii...but we all know u are shining down on us from heaven...*REST IN PEACE MATTHEW JACOB WAKEFiELD* -5-3-85~4-12-05- *YOU ARE FOREVER LOVED AND MiSSED BY EVERYONE*
love always,
*jennifer rose* <333

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